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My new addiction: Starbucks
22nd BIRTHDAY!!!
22nd Birthday; Iron Man-esque costume
22nd Birthday; Iron Man-esque costume
Custom-made dress by Juantiesha Christian
Birthday dinner at Roja

Happy Halloween 2013; Princess Jasmine

Black Friday 2013 @ UO
My favorite season of the year (well along with spring)! It's perfect; it's not always cold, not always hot, it's just right. You can layer and play around with outfits AND as a girl, you don't have to deal with the daily stress of shaving summer brings (idc if you find that gross, it's reality ask any girl you know).

Lots of events take place in my life from October on: midterms, pumpkin patches, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday. I don't like the idea of Halloween BUT I do like dressing up. Honestly I hate the fact that my birthday is in October because it's just too close to Halloween (Oct. 26). I HATE those dumb Halloween commercials.... ya'know the one's about the haunted houses, I HATE scary movies, I just don't like Halloween. I do love me a good ol' trip to Vala's Pumpkin Patch though and this year I carved my first pumpkin!!! I had costumes as Jasmine and Iron Man inspired.
Thanksgiving had such a different meaning to me this year because of God's presence in my life.

As stressful as working retail can be, I love my job at Urban Outfitters in Omaha. We're a loving mini-family. It's happened every time I've worked Black Friday morning for the past 2 years, that I've witnessed multiple customers thanking us for working that day. That always makes the long, coffee-filled, Redbull-injected day SO MUCH BETTER.

Black Friday aftermath

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