It's a Collective Celebration!



I recently shot with Esoteric Velvet to launch their "Collective Shop" collection just in time for the holidays! Working with EV is always such a blast! Meghann and Sarah (partners at EV) really know how to treat their gals when it comes to photoshoots. I mean seriously, hooking us up with hair by Kontempo. Salon & makeup by Charmaine Nicole AND vintage wardrobe?! I was in love with my outfits and J.Crew accessories! Fashion goodness to the extreme. By the way, did I mention I got to wear some amazing vintage heels?
St. John - check.  Oscar de la Renta - check check.
Pictures by: JGProductions



Infamous 2-1

My 21st birthday consisted of...
<3 you guys!



My birthday is always on Halloween weekend so of course costumes are a must. All girls wore some sort of animal ears, my friends Rebecca and Elisa went all out! It was pretty damn awesome. I was a vampirey kitten. I covered my kitty ears with hair set with a mini-crown. My friend Rebecca was awesome enough to do our hair and make-up. She rocks! We had pre-drinks at Elisa's, dinner at Hiro 88 and dancing at The Max!

Black Leotard: American Apparel; Glittery skirt: Windsor's Chicago; Star tights: House of Holland via Urban Outfitters; Heels: Charlotte Russe; Gold necklace: The Flying Worm; Small necklace: Brighton - bday gift; lipstick: Kate Moss via Rimmel London



I've Lost My Pants!


So it's come to my attention that fansi-pants has been a little M.I.A. lately - SoOOooRRY!
This is why:

I'M 21 YO!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
Hi Instagram world: @dancynancy3!

OOTD: Plaid Prints & Polka Dot Hearts

Alice in Wonderland is ... Latina? YES.

Okay so here's the deal, first on October 26th I turned 21 - wooo!!! - then Halloween came up, I got super busy with school (finals are coming up, ew), on top of school, I've been sick on&off AND I signed up for my first bill . . . I got an iPhone! Obviously I was pretty addicted the first couple of weeks, er, still am. HEELLLOO I mean, I freaking signed up for Instagram - it's like crystal meth for fashion&culture junkies. By the way you can follow me at: @dancynancy3 . I am suppose to be writng about 3 essays right now, but I decided to write a post at 12:13 a.m. to fill you in - those who care to read- on what's been going on in case you were wondering "where the hell has nancy-pants been?!" YUP. But have no fear I have a couple things up my sleeve and hoopppeeefully by this weekend I will have new doodles to share.

Adios Amigos,