Hearts + Lace

Just a little something for you dolls! I'm in love with this lace maxi slip, I could probably wear it all summer.

Lace Maxi, Shades, & Black One-piece: Urban Outfitters
Egyptian Necklace: Scout
Ralph Lauren Platforms

Con Amor,



Shoes, Mickey, & shades : Urban Outfitters
Skirt : Scout

A couple days ago I saw the Avengers....for the 3rd time. It still ceases to amaze me. Especially when I have eye candy to watch for almost 3 hours #robertdowneyjr. Seriously if you haven't seen it, you're missing out on the movie that has beat all the Harry Potter movie revenues in a single weekend. It's up there with Avatar, Titanic, & Harry Potter. It definately made a comic book nerd out of me. SERIOUSLY. I was on Youtube for like 4 hours. I took the liberty to create a comic book name for myself (refer to post title).

Con Amor,


Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

I'm smiling with joy as I write this! Last weekend Amy Lynn and 10 other talents (including yours truly) joined forces to create a stellar Disney Princess shoot! It was a childhood dream come true! I have been dreaming of being Princess Jasmine from the moment I watched Aladdin. DISNEY WORLD HERE I COME! I had so much fun with everyone, the outcome was amazing. 
 FYI last week was National Princess Week.

Photography by: Amy Lynn Photgraphy
Video by: Taylor Tracy
Make-up by: Rebecca Culhane
Hair by: Mary Beinor  

Nancy Anaya is Jasmine

Elisa Yu Lau is Mulan
Karah Linn is Snow White

Rebecca Culhane is Ariel

Jasmine Fuelberth is Belle

Alex Sosa is Pocahontas

Quinn Gaillard is Aurora/Sleeping Beauty

Nicole Keimig is Cinderella