I love Christmas time.
No, I don't think you get just how serious I am. I mean, I got a Christmas station on Pandora and had been listening to it since October (partly because I hate Halloween). I re-wrote my wish list about 5 times and enjoyed some of my first holiday parties as a grown-up! I love the lights and festive spirit everyone is in. I don’t like crazy shoppers and sold-out inventory.
When I was a small lad, I couldn't wait to just get to the tree and open gifts, but now it's mainly like - where's the food?! - am I right? I mean, it's the rare time a year my family actually gets together and cooks a big meal. I don't know about you, but I think the leftovers are awesome; tamales over here, tamales over there! Oh, my family celebrates on Christmas Eve, we stay up until 3 AM and celebrate my nephew's birthday on Christmas - yup, the lucky guy's birthday is ON Christmas. Anyhow, this is just a little somethin’ that sums up my Christmas shenanigans. Never forget the true meaning of Christmas, Jim Carrey’s “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” haha JK! ----> HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!
Con Amor,


It's a Collective Celebration!



I recently shot with Esoteric Velvet to launch their "Collective Shop" collection just in time for the holidays! Working with EV is always such a blast! Meghann and Sarah (partners at EV) really know how to treat their gals when it comes to photoshoots. I mean seriously, hooking us up with hair by Kontempo. Salon & makeup by Charmaine Nicole AND vintage wardrobe?! I was in love with my outfits and J.Crew accessories! Fashion goodness to the extreme. By the way, did I mention I got to wear some amazing vintage heels?
St. John - check.  Oscar de la Renta - check check.
Pictures by: JGProductions



Infamous 2-1

My 21st birthday consisted of...
<3 you guys!



My birthday is always on Halloween weekend so of course costumes are a must. All girls wore some sort of animal ears, my friends Rebecca and Elisa went all out! It was pretty damn awesome. I was a vampirey kitten. I covered my kitty ears with hair set with a mini-crown. My friend Rebecca was awesome enough to do our hair and make-up. She rocks! We had pre-drinks at Elisa's, dinner at Hiro 88 and dancing at The Max!

Black Leotard: American Apparel; Glittery skirt: Windsor's Chicago; Star tights: House of Holland via Urban Outfitters; Heels: Charlotte Russe; Gold necklace: The Flying Worm; Small necklace: Brighton - bday gift; lipstick: Kate Moss via Rimmel London



I've Lost My Pants!


So it's come to my attention that fansi-pants has been a little M.I.A. lately - SoOOooRRY!
This is why:

I'M 21 YO!

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
Hi Instagram world: @dancynancy3!

OOTD: Plaid Prints & Polka Dot Hearts

Alice in Wonderland is ... Latina? YES.

Okay so here's the deal, first on October 26th I turned 21 - wooo!!! - then Halloween came up, I got super busy with school (finals are coming up, ew), on top of school, I've been sick on&off AND I signed up for my first bill . . . I got an iPhone! Obviously I was pretty addicted the first couple of weeks, er, still am. HEELLLOO I mean, I freaking signed up for Instagram - it's like crystal meth for fashion&culture junkies. By the way you can follow me at: @dancynancy3 . I am suppose to be writng about 3 essays right now, but I decided to write a post at 12:13 a.m. to fill you in - those who care to read- on what's been going on in case you were wondering "where the hell has nancy-pants been?!" YUP. But have no fear I have a couple things up my sleeve and hoopppeeefully by this weekend I will have new doodles to share.

Adios Amigos,





I'm telling you, my niece has got S T Y L E.
I mean I can't believe for an 8-year-old she already is drawing designs & asking me to take her to model calls. She might as well start her own blog.
Con Amor,


Lovestruck: Rhylan Lang

Rhylan Lang Look Book
Photography: Daniel Muller; Styling: Sequined Silver Lining
Kontempo Salon; Makeup: Lashes & Love



The LoveStruck event might be over, but the look books are officially out! Head over to the Lovestruck Blog right here : http://www.lovestruckomaha.com/blog/ to peep all the looks from the event! The look books for the featured wedding boutiques, Rhylan Lang and Ready or Knot, are all styled by Sequined Silver Lining and photographed by Daniel Muller.


Metallic Heaven

Juantiesha Christian has done it again - made an outfit I absolutely cannot live without.
She's moving to New York and we had one of our last Omaha shoots yesterday - I know, I cried. We shot her entire collection & I about died when I put on a high-waisted metallic maroon skirt with a ribbed sequined suit-like top. It was love at first sight.
Con Amor,


Marvel Edge

I loved my hair and makeup so much from the LoveStruck shoot earlier that day that I decided to keep it aaaaaaallllllll night...annndd sleep in it. Not good, don't do that, BUT it was so beautiful I just couldn't get myself to take the hair out or wipe the makeup off.
I went from glam bride to rockin' Marvel princess (well more of Iron Man's princess).

Iron Man Tank: Thrifted
Patched Leather Leggings: JcPenny
Cheetah Print Flats: PacSun
Cross Earrings: Urban Outfitters

Con Amor,

L O V E S T R U C K !

Hello loves!
Just a little preview of what to expect at "LOVESTRUCK" Omaha's first bridal event for the modern couple - if you're a creative bride this is for you! I was asked to model for the event in a recent photoshoot and I'll be at the event's fashion show on SEPTEMBER 30th.
Get your tickets at www.lovestruckomaha.com
The shoot took place at Rhylan Lang and those gowns - WOW - they make me want to get married asap just so I can buy the dress! Seriously those dresses are works of art.
I was honored to work with a wonderful team that day & be among beautiful models! :)
Photographer: Daniel Muller
Stylist: Natalie Navis
Hair: Kontempo Salon
Makeup: Kaitlyn Willamson
 Instagram photo: Kaitlyn Willamson

Con Amor,


All in the Family

This is my neice Ivanna - even her name is fab -
she's an aspiring fashion designer.
She's 8.
She's giving me a run for my money!



Ooh La la, "SuShe"

The always talented Juantiesha Christian & her dazzling designs! This was an impromptu photoshoot outside the Joselyn Museum right after our shoot for Omaha Fashion Magazine.
 Eye candy designs & modeling with your bestie make the long days worth every second.

All Designs by Juantiesha Christian
Con Amor,