Recently I decided to team up with the talented photographer Christian Behr from Springfield, Nebraska to refine my modeling skills and showcase myself to more people in the world of entertainment. These are some of the shots from our first shoot. Mary Beth Pickney did HMU.
Hat: From Christian's studio; Tan Dress: BCBG.

Queen Mouse

Ever since I was little & still to to this day I've always had a special place in my heart for Disney. I love anything Disney related, but explaining my love for Disney would be a whole other blog by itself. I identify myself the most with Princess Jasmine, especially since her husband is the hunky Aladdin, but unfortunately Nebraska's weather doesn't really permit me to dress up as Jasmine (which I've wanted to do for almost every Halloween) so instead I thought I'd dress up as the queen mouse herself, Minnie. I decided to add my own twist to her character.

Shorts: Charlotte Russe; Black Polka Dot Tights: Charlotte Russe; Red Polka Dot Shirt: New Life Thrift;
Blue Shirt: Delia's; Minnie Ears: Nobbies; Boots & Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters.

Omaha Fashion Week: Juantiesha Christian

Sparkly black sequin dress with small chain design rimming the bottom of the dress for SuShe by Juantiesha Christian in 2011's Omaha Fashion Week. That girl is mad talented. I personally loved the whole outfit and didn't want to take off that braid. The jewelry was provided by the also mad talented Rosha Taylor. Yes, the earrings say FU.

Omaha Fashion Magazine

I was given the opportunity to model Juantiesha Christian's dress from her line SuShe and shoot with photographer Terrence Tryon for the 2011 Omaha Fashion Magazine cover contest for Omaha Fashion Week. We didn't win the cover, BUT we did get a two page spread in the magazine (the pic of me laying in the water)!


Amy Lynn is also a music video director (saayy whaatt?), yeah I told you she was talented. This is just a still shot from Stephen Jerzak's music video for the song "Party Like You're Single." We started shooting around 5 pm and were still going at midnight. Now I know why music videos take at least 3 days to shoot. Watch the video below!



Amy Lynn is a great photgrapher and friend in Omaha. Anyone that gets to work with her is a lucky sun of a gun. She has a bucket list and from what I hear has almost everything checked off her list including designing her own clothing line. Yours truly was asked to participate in her look book for her line DECLARED.

OFW 2010

Every year since 2009 I've proudly participated in Omaha Fashion Week. It's quite the experience. It showcases the hidden gem talent that is in Omaha. You make so many different connections with models, stylists, designers, photographers, and others that have the same love and dedication to similar interests as you. It's a fun experience for anyone who gets a chance to participate in it. In 2010 I was given the opportunity to walk for designer Zara Gonzalez and be dolled up by Bungalow 8 in Omaha. Btw that week in September was FREEZING.



Fansi-Pants :

It rhymes with Nancy. It's spelled fanSI because I speak Spanish.
I like fashion, culture & the arts, hence 'fancy pants.'
Oh You 'Fansi' Huh?