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It's No Secret I Love Beyonce.

I admire so many different aspects of this girl and not just the girl, but the brand she is, because Beyonce has learned how to not only become an icon in the music industry but a smart business woman. I mean, if you've been keeping up with Mrs. Carter, the way she created her album, the way she released it to the world, and how she's planning on taking on new talent under her wing. WHAT BEY? Jeez, girl you're on fire. Can you just imagine if she was your mentor, your manager, your label, your creative director....WHAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOUR CAREER?!!! Beyonce, I'm here girl. RIGHT HERE. LOOK AT ME!!!! Please....please...puhhleeeasseee?! I can dance, I've got singing potential, I act, I model, I can perform my booty off, I know fashion, I speak spanish, I'm creative, I'm a damn hard worker, I want to cry from how hard I get pushed because sometimes that's the only way you get better, I've got the drive, the ambition, soon I'll have a college diploma, I've got God on my side all the time. So if you ever, ever, E V E R read this post (which might not happen) I just want you to know....I got'chu girl. Not only am I your fan or a Beyhive member, but I am a person you have inspired to know that my dreams CAN become a reality. You have taught me through your music and creativity that I'm not insane to dream outside of a "normal" lifestyle. I want more for my life. I won't settle.

I went to Beyonce's concert this past July, "The Mrs. Carter Show." We were at the Beyhive stage. We were determined to go again to be front row. If you've ever been to a Beyonce concert, you know that aiming for front row is ambitious, but like I said we were determined. When I say we, I mean minority central reunited again for a whole new adventure in Chicago! Nicole, Olivia and Nancy back at it again! :D

We arrived in Chicago after a hideous ride on the Megabus. If I could drive to Chicago each
time, I would. Anyways, we arrived, it was freezing. Our hotel room was beyond words...the view was just...beautiful. I truly felt that I could do anything. Being in such a bigger city you feel so insignificant, like you really are just another human being in the world filled with billions, but your passions couldn't burn any hotter because you want to stand out, you want to prove everyone wrong that you can fulfill your dreams. That's how Chicago made me feel. That's why I'm heavily considering moving there and also because I've heard the dance scene there is quite the experience. Aaannndd Ashley Everett (dancer, Bey's dance captain) is from Chi-town and I admire her to a whole 'nother level as a dancer.


We got ready to hit the town. We rode on trains, we went shopping, we unfortunately didn't get to see the iconic bean (gonna have to go back for that one), we got hit on by random strangers, we laughed, we were cold, we danced, we ate pizza, we fantasized about Bey's concert the next day, we conversed about how much Bey was dragging on the new single/album...when was she going to put it out already?! We got back to the hotel, I got on Instagram. Then....I DIED.
We didn't even have our coats off and I was screaming. I felt my heart burst, I didn't know what to do with myself, I wanted to kick something, I wanted to fly out of the 17th floor window, I jumped on the bed.

Why did I go crazy? As I was on Instagram I scrolled by Beyonce's post and there it was..."SUPRISE!" was the caption, a video with a mash up of clips and a bass I hadn't heard before and flashing before my eyes it said, "14 songs...17 videos...Beyonce." It was her new, self-titled album. IT WAS BEYONCE'S NEW ALBUM!! IT WAS EVERYTHING, AT OUR FINGERTIPS, OUT AT THAT VERY MOMENT, THE NIGHT BEFORE HER CONCERT!!! When Olivia and Nicole saw my reaction they immediately got on iTunes, downloaded it, we got yelled at by security for being too loud, we shut up, turned off the lights, opened the window, watched the Chicago skyline and took in her new album. We were dead silent, listening with a couple "ooOOhhs" and "aahh's" and "OK BEY, GET IT BEY," heck we even cried and danced around. Then there were the videos. The whole night was an experience I will NEVER forget. Even we get old; the three of us will be talking about the event that was Beyonce.

The concert was the next day, we got ready and hit up the United Center at 10 a.m. We found some Beyhvie members that had camped out the night before - see I told you aiming for front row is ambitious, determination is key. We waited in line in the cold, from 10 a.m. until about 7 p.m. when were finally let in, our toes were frozen, we were frozen, we could barely walk. I wanted to sprint to the front row, even with early admission tickets the line was too long...we were 18, 19, 20 in a line of about 150. It was too risky! We couldn't run. I did some mighty speed walking, I opened the curtains to the arena I saw a space in front row empty...Nicole and Olivia behind me somewhere...I was gunning for front row & wherever they were I was going to win us those spots. FOR MINORITY CENTRAL! I just screamed as I walked down the stairs as fast as I could: 1. so I wouldn't fall and 2. because I couldn't believe we were going to actually be front row for Beyonce!!! We would see her face, she would see ours, we would laugh and smile, dance and sing together!

We made it to front row. The show started. We screamed. Luke James was great (if you want more details ask Olivia and/or Nicole, they'll go into great detail). Then we said goodbye as we knew the moment Queen Bey came out we were going to lose our minds and be in our own little worlds. The "B" curtain came down....the dancers came on stage, I lived for it...then Beyonce came on....and I just cried, I screamed....honestly I don't know what came over me because I listen to my recordings from that night and I sound like a different person from how many emotions I was going through for 2 1/2 hours. Beyonce is one of the greatest performers I have ever seen in my lifetime and to just watch her gives me so much life, again, it's just so many different emotions that I can't even explain. Her concert was amazing, jaw dropping, I mean FRONT ROW. Shit man, what?! I was front row for Beyonce?!!!! Yes. I was, thank you God for that.

What did I get out of hours in the 20 degree weather, frozen toes, no food, wanting to give up? WELL I got my drive back, I got my prayers answered, I got to experience my life in a way I never thought I could. I knew God was with me all that time. I got Ashley Everett eye contact, smiles and waves constantly throughout the entire concert, I got a finger point and eye contact from one of Les Twins, I got Beyonce smile and eye contact and she laughed at me at one point...LAUGHED because I'm pretty sure I looked pretty darn ridiculous going crazy. She freaking gave the Longhorn sign back to Nicole and I went crazy for her because I knew how much that meant to Nicole. I got to experience Beyonce after her new album dropped, she was radiant, so much happiness that night, I got to experience "XO" as she performed it for us for the first time. I have gone through what felt like a hurricane and now ice weather for Bey and I wouldn't take those experiences back because they have been with the people I love, with God and have inspired my life.

If you ever get the opportunity to do something crazy good once in a while in your life....do it. No matter how broke you will be afterwards or how tough it may seem...go for it. You might just have paragraphs and paragraphs to write about it.

When it was time to go home the next day, we knew we would be coming back to Chi-town. And we will go back once our finances look a little bit happier. Olivia and I missed our bus watching Bey's videos that morning. We had to chase after it, with our entire luggage, in the snow, looking like bums, it was hilarious. I wish someone would've recorded it. Sometimes I think our adventures would make a perfect reality show.

Eventually, we caught the bus, I sat next to a former dancer (another sign from God to follow my dreams - I just know it), Olivia and I ended up listening to the entire album the whole way home and dancing to "***Flawless," we got home and it was like I turned back into a pumpkin. My adventures aren't over yet though, I'll keep you updated on more or at least try, I'm so bad at keeping up with my blog.

Let me say now, I may love Beyonce, but God is my King and no one goes above God. Without God this trip, second time around, wouldn't have been possible. I thank God everyday for the opportunities he has blessed me with and the people he has placed in my life along with those opportunities. Olivia and Nicole, I love you girls so much. You girls are my sisters. Just think if one of us didn't make dance team all those years ago how different our lives might be.


P.S. If you want to read more about this trip Olivia wrote about it too over at her blog: Most Average Braud

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