Summer line Preview

More Jawbreaking looks with Amy Lynn Photography! It was one one of funnest (is that a word?) photoshoots/lookbooks I've done! Errbody was in it. We had water guns, ice cream, soda rockets, smoke bombs & more! Aside from the awesome shirts from the Jawbreaking line, Amy & I styled the looks. Rebecca Culhane made us all look gorgeous with her make-up skills. Here's a SNEAK PEAK:

Borrowed Instagram Pics ;)

Busy Busy Bee!

 I didn't get much of a spring break, it's better than it sounds, trust me! I was super busy with Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2012 & shooting with Amy Lynn for the new Jawbreaking line.

I had the opportunity to model for the 16-year-old talent Kaitlyn/Elizabeth Fitzgerald & her line Kait Blu Thursday night. I loved the dress I wore, it was a great definition of elegence even with the high leg slit. I took the chance to do a little of my own Angelina Jolie posing.
*Styled by Tru Salon*

  Saturday I modeled for Tiffany Headley! Her designs are and have always been extremely unique & fun! Prepping for her show was so one-of-a-kind, it was painful, but the outcome was amazing! By the way, that's chicken wire holding my hair up. yup!
*Styled by Kontempo Salon* 


Mickey & Reeboks

It was finally nice out! WINTER'S GONE! At least I hope it is, in Nebraska you just never know.I had a perfect day: great shift at work and I was able to enjoy some sun afterwards. Tribal leggings and a Mickey tank, what else could a girl need. I'm a devoted Disney fan if you didn't know already so you'll probably be seeing a lot of Mickey & friends on this blog.
OH! How could I almost forget...I got some new Reeboks. They pretty much speak for themselves.


Jawbreaking Goodness

Voila! 2nd Styling collaboration I did with the always talented Amy Lynn Photography. This time around it was for Jawbreaking Clothing line.
I took a more chill, but slightly edgy approach when styling for this shoot. I used blacks, minor prints, denim, and neutral colors. We shot on the roof of Esoteric Velvet's home in South downtown Omaha which had an amazing view with amazing lighting!
Founder Aly Silverio started this clothing line on her bedroom floor in 2008 when she was 15, now that's pretty cool. The Jawbreaking brand also supports & promotes bands and other artists.


ALP Photography
Models: Nicole Keimig, Ryan Belman & Quinn Gaillard