Time to finally breathe. . .

SOoooo fansi-pantzers it’s been a while! Finals are over and school is officially out for summer! Well for most I’m an over-achiever and taking a summer course online. For a second there I thought I was a goner this past semester. Luckily I made it through with a minor scratch on my GPA, BUT that’s why I’m taking summer school. Now I can finally have time to catch up, work on and revamp the FANSi-PANTS blog! Following will be a series of posts that have been happening since about April. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll recognize some of the stuff I’ve been up to. READY, SET, GO!

BESOS, Nancy

Spring Fling!


It’s spring time motha’s! Okay it’s actually almost June, but when I did this shoot it was March/April so it WAS spring time. This shoot was for my personal portfolio use. Thanks to Amy Lynn for always being amazing and hookin’ a girl up and Emily for taking time out of her day to do hair and makeup and of course Dani DuBay for helping me with wardrobe. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her amazing 2-room closet.

Besos, Nancy

"More than Gold"

I’ve been wanting to shoot with Jami Olds for a very long time. Her work is so creative and beautiful. One day my dream came true. Add in some gold and you’ve got yourself a gold goddess beauty shoot. Thanks to the amazing Lyndee for the bomb hair and makeup. Seriously, she’s too good at her job. We made a great team! There were too many great shots to choose from, we all had trouble picking, luckily Jami went ahead and chose, we might have been indecisive for a couple of weeks or just have put ALL of them up. I was soaked in Sunny D aka bronzer; I was so tan it was amazing. I didn’t want to take any of it off! I wanted to stay that way forever, but when I did take it off, it was extremely difficult haha. I got my nickname that day as well, “MexSa” the Mexican Kesha because of the gold and sparkles, get it? Beautiful.

Besos, Nancy

Dazed and Confused: JAWBREAKING 2013

It’s that time of the year again! Jawbreaking Spring 2013. New goodies. New addictions.  To check out the new "Dazed and Confused" spring collection click HERE. I highly suggest you try it.


Besos, Nancy


The night of the SOHA Charity Fashion Show at the Slowdown in Omaha was crazzzyyyy. In a good way. This was the first fashion show where I had to endure the hectic insanity of having 4 outfit changes in such a short amount of time. Needless to say, along with the craziness of it, I loved it. I even had an America’s Next Top Model moment when I realized I was missing a pair of shoes and went scouting for an extra pair before I had to walk the runway. Pro Mode = ON. This girl walked for Scout, Ooh La La Boutique, Odd Bird Collective, and SKYZ Boutique! I was pretty excited, I got to close the show with SKYZ Boutique! The people were great, the stylists were great, the models were great, and the atmosphere was great. It was an amazing night. Thank you to everyone that went to the show and donated to the charity event, see ya next year!



Besos, Nancy



I live in South Omaha aka the Latino community. Within this community there is a known newspaper, “El Perico.” I was privileged to be interviewed with a 2-page spread in this newspaper along with a television interview by South Omaha, household name reporter, Marina Rosado. We talked about my career, my aspirations, what's it's like to be a Latina in the industry I'm striving for and fashion of course!  Marina has her own talk show here in Omaha and according to her has been waiting to interview me since I won “Cinco de Mayo Queen” in 2008. Now that’s patience. I was extremely flattered. Thank you so much to the Latino community and Marina for the special experience.

Besos, Nancy

Double Trouble

So you guys remember that post about a dance video in the works with my awesome friend Ronny Frias? Yeah, well it’s done! It’s been done actually haha. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it on any other social media outlet when I posted it…here it is! Behind the scenes story of this video in short: it was a spontaneous idea at the mall at about 7 pm, home-made fog machine, cement floors, no stretching, lots of physical pain, no massages, real crying, fake crying, 5 AM wrap-up time, Declared. I loved every single minute of it. Dance is love. Forever.
P.S. This dance was inspired by a personal story of bullshit from 2012. Thanks Taylor Swift for lyrics that couldn't have been more perfect.
Director: Amy Lynn//Choreography: Ronny Frias & yours truly
Besos, Nancy

OFW 2013

Kansas City & Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2013 Recap: I walked for the ever-creative and talented Amanda Clark, she was on my bucket list of designers I hoped to walk for during my Omaha Fashion Week “career” and I had an absolute blast! We were styled by Sisu Hairdressing in Lincoln. I drove my little self out there all alone, I was pretty scared even though it was only an hour away, but it’s mainly because my car isn’t very reliable. The fashion events took 2 days total, from Lincoln we drove to Kansas City for KCFW followed by OFW the next day! I love the lifestyle I get to experience from modeling; it’s not all glamorous if that’s what you’re thinking. I mean sure the pictures turn out great, but it’s the hard work that makes everything worth it, it’s your moment on the runway, connecting with other people, it’s the long days and even longer nights. Oh and it’s also having your goodie bag stolen backstage (SO MAD ABOUT IT). This year Amanda’s line lived on the bar of apocalyptic fashion, aka BADASS MODE.

Designs: Amanda Clark//Photography: Birdcage Release Collaborative // Makeup: Rebecca Culhane
Besos, Nancy