We Survived, it's 2013!

So it looks like we survived the end of the world after all!
Remember, no one knows when the world will end except big guns upstairs.
Bye, bye 2012 you won't be missed - well except for some wonderful memories made along the way, but hey lets face it, 2012 was getting old; too much drama going on towards those last couple of months. I happily welcome 2013 and even though this post is already 3 weeks into 2013 it's still a new fabulous feeling! I love ringing in a new year because it's a clean slate for everybody; I get an official feeling to start over - a reset button. I can't wait to see what new opportunities and memories 2013 brings!

Nancy’s New Year's Resolutions:
·         Pursue my dreams to the infinite degree!
·         Focus more on Nancy.
·         Workout.
·         Eat healthier.
·         No serious relationships.
·         Have fun!
·         Save money!
·         Think positive no matter the outcome.  

dotted blouse: Pacsun; navy disco pant: American Apparel; spiked litas: Jeffrey Campbell; gold necklace: flying worm; jasmine earrings: scout

Con Amor,