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Leaving Omaha - in Heaven
About 2 weeks ago I went to Atlanta (you might've known that if you follow me on my other social media sites) and it was the most amazing time of my entire summer! Now you may ask, Nancy why the ATL? Well because in February after Beyonce performed at the Super Bowl Halftime show she announced her world tour and you know what this girl did? She and her other two friends decided to get floor tickets!!! Chicago was closest, but it sold out Q U I C K, so we were like why not just go to ATL where my girl Nicole stays at and have two reasons for going on this min-vacay!

Fast forward to the week of July 12th and Olivia and I were on a plane heading to Atlanta. Leaving Omaha was such a relief, I've been going through a hell of a year emotionally - but that's another story. We touched down in ATL and I knew at that moment that I never wanted to come back to Omaha EVER. Being in Atlanta was like being in a whole new world that I never wanted to escape, there is so much fly-ness everywhere, the shopping is insane, the food is bomb, and the dance scene...TOO DAMN GOOD. I just fell in love.

SO the day of the concert we arrived at the venue at 9am because being Beyonce we knew there would be a line, and guess what? We were right. We got ready in a mall and headed back to the venue to wait. Once it hit 5pm it started to rain - wait let me take that back - it started to POUR like a hurricane was on its way. We waited outside in the rain for 3 hours because security wouldn’t let us in. GOD TESTED US. After the doors opened to let all our wet-selves in we raaaaaan to the arena floor! We had the choice between the main stage and the Beyhive stage, we chose the Beyhive because that's where VIP sits and it made us closer to Queen Bey. Saw lots of reality stars at the concert in that VIP area, at one point I was walking behind one of Beyonce's twin dancers I'm so mad at myself, I was too shy to say anything! But he was VERY attractive :) 

Luke James opened for Queen Bey - he was great! Then it was the moment we were all waiting for.....BEYONCE CAME OUT AND SHE WAS FUH-IERCE! Needless to say I cried. Every moment of torture in the rain, the dent in my bank account, it was all worth it for that 2 1/2 hour concert. I danced, I cried some more, I sang, I made eye contact and communication with Ashley Everett - Beyonce's main dancer. I saw Beyonce up and close! Now let me tell you, before going to this concert I used to wonder if Beyonce was even real. Her beauty, voice, dance moves, personality, body, class, fierceness, humble-ness, and creativity always had me wondering if she was even a real human being, but I'm here to tell you all that I witnessed it with my own two eyes that yes this unbelievable child of God is 100% real and 100% flawless. 

When it was over we had to take a moment to sit down and just take it all in, it seriously felt like a dream; it felt like it didn't actually happen that it was all in our imagination. We couldn't believe we had just experienced a slice of heaven. I thank GOD everyday for having given me the blessing of experiencing Atlanta with my closest friends and being able to see one of my inspirations, admirations, and one of the top artist's that drives my hunger and ambition for my dreams every day, in person - live. 

Leaving Atlanta was one of the saddest, hardest things I've had to do in a long time. I cried, I didn't want to the leave the city that fueled my dreams and gave me the opportunities to make them come true, not to mention my babygirl Nicole, but I had to. Landing back in Omaha brought a fog of disappointment back into my own little world, but have no fear because I plan on leaving to follow my dreams in a year! (Did you catch that rhyme?!)
P.S. We loved Bey's concert SO MUCH that we're going for round 2 in Chicago in December! See you soon Mrs. Carter! 
Again, I thank GOD everyday for all the blessings he has given me. 

Where the celebs shop: Lennox Mall! 
This dress was stunning. It was $800!

Minority Central; Beyhive Captains;
Before we stood in the rain for 3 hours

After the rain.

"Love on Top" (check out Ashley's dance moves!)

When the dream was over.

Rockin' Bey's snapback

Atlantic Station

The store made of all candy/ice cream/goodies!


Movie Night - "White House Down" 

Our last night in ATL :(



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