I watched "Sixteen Candles" for the first time a couple days ago. It was the cutest thing I have watched in a while...that ending, straight up "awwww!" moment. Aside from all the love, the style caught my eye. It's crazy to think how often fashion is recycled and circulates through the years. Anyways, one of my best gals Olivia Cunningham and I were so infatuated with the style we decided to cook up a new blog post inspired by that era. There were tons of flower prints, blazers and stripes (although the striped look reminds me more of Americana 70's with the shoes and all).  Thanks to Oliva for being my personal photog for the day! :)

*flower power: purple leotard - Scout; green sports bra - JCP; flower high rise leggings- American Apparel via Scout; stripe shades - Aldo; platform sneakers - Urban Outfitters; Dooney & Burke Wallet - gift.* *80s Rocket: pink blazer- thrifted; daisy dress- thrifted; polka dot converse- garage sale* *Americana Rosie: red white and blue bow blouse - thrifted; disco pants - American Apparel; marshmallow booties - Declared*



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