Double Trouble

So you guys remember that post about a dance video in the works with my awesome friend Ronny Frias? Yeah, well it’s done! It’s been done actually haha. If you didn’t get a chance to watch it on any other social media outlet when I posted it…here it is! Behind the scenes story of this video in short: it was a spontaneous idea at the mall at about 7 pm, home-made fog machine, cement floors, no stretching, lots of physical pain, no massages, real crying, fake crying, 5 AM wrap-up time, Declared. I loved every single minute of it. Dance is love. Forever.
P.S. This dance was inspired by a personal story of bullshit from 2012. Thanks Taylor Swift for lyrics that couldn't have been more perfect.
Director: Amy Lynn//Choreography: Ronny Frias & yours truly
Besos, Nancy

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