Have you ever had that feeling of just wanting to drop everything and go somewhere? Weeellp, that's why I went to Chicago. I've been wanting to visit for the longest time & kept trying to save up for it when I realized the more I just tried to save the more I was putting it on the backburner...so I took everything I had in my savings at the current time & said FUCK IT I'M GOING.

Ta-da! There I was in chi-town for the first time with my best friend! Lemme tell ya', the old market is a joke compared to this city. I took the megabus - where I'm pretty sure I broke my ass from how uncomfortable it was - I got lost on the train trying to find my way around, walked 4 miles from the mall to my hotel then called a cab to pick us up at a random corner because we couldn't walk anymore, got hit on by the creepy cab driver, got lost in the city, saw one of the most amazing ballet schools right off the bat, spent all my money & I loved every single minute of it. I didn't get to see everything in the city, but that’s just another reason to go back….thinkin' of moving, hmm...

view for our 4 mile walk

4 mile walk - LEGGO .

Home Sweet Home.

Con Amor,

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