Beyonce, the Super Bowl and Pepsi


In January I entered a contest to be able to dance with Beyonce onstage at the Super Bowl. This contest, hosted by Pepsi, was a photo contest and every day throughout the month I had to follow the picture instructions and post my own.  I never really thought I’d win anything out of it because I don’t win things very often. In the end I wasn’t able to dance next to Beyonce, but my pictures did get selected to be in a Pepsi promo video counting down to Beyonce’s halftime performance. I was on screen for about .2 milliseconds, but it was so exciting, mine was the very first picture! I wonder if Beyonce had a say in choosing…does that mean she saw me…hmm…

Beyonce obvs killed it on stage. There was football being played at a Beyonce concert, and a blackout. After the Super Bowl, Queen Bey announced her upcoming tour! Guess who got tickets?! This girl!!! I’m beyond words excited! I’ll be seeing her in the ATL with some of my favorite girls! It’s gonna be the best day E V E R. Of course when the day comes fansi-pants will keep you updated

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH to April Bailey, my wonderful photographer. Without her help I woulda never been able to pull this off. I love her!
Wow, this post was kinda long. 


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