"More than Gold"

I’ve been wanting to shoot with Jami Olds for a very long time. Her work is so creative and beautiful. One day my dream came true. Add in some gold and you’ve got yourself a gold goddess beauty shoot. Thanks to the amazing Lyndee for the bomb hair and makeup. Seriously, she’s too good at her job. We made a great team! There were too many great shots to choose from, we all had trouble picking, luckily Jami went ahead and chose, we might have been indecisive for a couple of weeks or just have put ALL of them up. I was soaked in Sunny D aka bronzer; I was so tan it was amazing. I didn’t want to take any of it off! I wanted to stay that way forever, but when I did take it off, it was extremely difficult haha. I got my nickname that day as well, “MexSa” the Mexican Kesha because of the gold and sparkles, get it? Beautiful.

Besos, Nancy

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